We are working on understanding the fundamental problems in theoretical cosmology and their interconnection.

Three of the fundamental problems in cosmology, the black hole information problem, the quantum origin of our Universe, and the cosmological constant problem/dark energy, all involves infrared issues in quantum gravity. Assuming that this links together these problems in quantum gravity, we aim at exploring their interconnection.

Inflation is considered the most succesful paradigm for the origin of the universe from Big Bang, but the underlying theory of inflation is still poorly understood. Much of our work is also focussed on understanding the theory of inflation and minimal extensions/alternatives, such as the curvaton mechanism.

Another problem concerns the nature of dark matter. Given that we have not seen any conclusive evidence of any new physical properties of dark matter beyond the purely gravitationally interacting cold dark matter, we are developing a minimal model of only gravitationally interacting dark matter, which is the darkest and coldest possible form of dark matter, called Planckian Interacting Dark Matter (PIDM).

For more details you can find some selected recent publications of the group here. The full publication list of Martin S. Sloth can be found here: list of publications.